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Mid-Oregon -- PIW
Chopsaw Parts

We manufacture a large number of replacement parts for Mid-Oregon, Portland Iron Work, and United Machine

PIW, PR2000 & PR1500 Ripsaw's

  • Bearing Collars

  • Saw Collars 

  • Bearing Housing

  • Arbors

  • Bed Plates

  • Slats

  • Hold Down Rolls

Chopsaw Parts

Clutch Spring
Mid-Oregon Clutch Spring
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Infeed & OutFeed Parts

Handling Equipment Parts

  • Preselect Infeed Parts

  • OutFeed Conveyor Parts

  • Lateral Chain Feeder Parts

  • Moulder Outfeed Parts

  • Hopper Feeder Parts

  • Specialty System Parts


Industrial Finger Jointers

OEM Part's Available For:

Newman Whitney Machinery

Pro Edge Technology Machinery

Industrial ChopsawLH and RH

Industrial Finger Jointers

Aftermarket Part's Available For:

Mid Oregon Ripsaws

  • PR2000

  • PR1500

  • MOI Mini Rip

  • Portland Iron Works Ripsaw

Mid-Oregon Chopsaw

  • 2x8  LH and RH

Precision Chopsaw

  • LH and RH

Industrial Chopsaw

  • LH and RH

Industrial Finger Jointers


Specializing in all types of machine and equipment repair, fabricates and repairs farm and ranch equipment, agricultural machinery, logging

Here at Lent's Machinery our number 1 goal is customer satisfaction. Our staff is here to help and assist you in all your machinery need...  If we can't help fulfill your needs we will find the right people for you..

Services We Offer


  • After your hours preventive maintenance & service

  • Machinery repair & rebuilding

  • Custom machinery manufacturing

  • Machinery installation 

  • maintenance reporting & part fatigue tracking

  • Custom machined parts

  • Machinery failure and troubleshooting

  • Emergency service



We design and manufacture Equipment and material handling equipment. Every place has special needs and we can build to your

  • Re-Rips

  • Conveyor

  • Moulder Infeed and outfeeds

      Field Service Tech 

Our Service Tech has been in the machinery field for 25 plus years. Specailzing in Multiple manufacturers  machinery

Portland Iron Works, Mid Oregon, Newman, Premier Tech, Precision, and many more.

      Part Repair Service

Send in your USED Ripsaw Parts

our tech will inspect all component and send you a detail repair estimate. Bringing your part back up to MFG Specifications or better..


  • Cabinet Manufacturing Equipment


  • Moulder infeed and outeed system


  • material handling equipment supplier


  • Mid Oregon Ripsaw PIW Ripsaw


  • CNC wood working equipment crosscut saw

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