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CNC Machining Center | PET 1233 P-T-P / Pod and Rail
The CNC Machining Center, Model PET 1233 P-T-P is ideal for either
the high production panel processing shop or the custom production shop.

  • High Speed Spindle (HSK)

  • 8-Position Tool Changer

  • Boring Block

  • Pod & Rail`

  • Guide Rail - Large 25 mm

  • Centralized Lubrication System

  • Syntec Control System

  • Delta Servo Drives on X, Y & Z-Axis

  • Standard Wiring

  • Heavy Duty Machine Frame

High-Speed Spindle (HSK)
High-Speed Spindle (HSK):
HSD, Air Cooled, 9 kW, high-speed spindle; nonproprietary, available in America.
Ceramic bearings.
Strong torque and quick processing speeds.
Programmable RPM speeds: 5,000 to 24,000 rpm.
Vibration free.
Cartridge insert design.
Suitable for cutting, milling, drilling and routing.
Tool change
8 position tool changer, standard.
Optional 16 position tool changer, shown in photo
Boring Block
Boring Block:
HSD boring block; nonproprietary, available in America.
9 vertical, 6 horizontal, 1 saw blade.
Suitable for multi-directional drilling, Y-axis dado, vertical and horizontal drilling.
Reliable drilling accuracy.
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X-TRAVEL DISTANCE                               1200 mm

Y-TRAVEL DISTANCE                               3300 mm

MINIMUM PANEL SIZE                             80 mm

WORKTABLE                                           1270 x 1550 mm, flexible worktable with 6-rails, each rail has 3 vacuum cups and automatic panel                                                              supports



MACHINE STRUCTURE                              X = Centrally located, 32 mm ball screw 
                                                              Y = Hardened helical rack 
                                                              Z = 25 mm ball screw with pneumatic counterbalancing

X AND Y MOVEMENT SPEED                      60 m/min

SPINDLE MOTOR                                     9 kW / 12hp, HSD spindle with HSK tool chuck

SPINDLE ROTATION SPEEDS                    Programmable from 5,000 to 24,000 rpm

HSD BORING BLOCK                                9 vertical (5 + 4), 6 horizontal (4 + 2), 1 saw blade in Y-axis

HSD BORING BLOCK MOTOR                    2hp, VFD controlled, speeds set between 4,000 to 5,400 rpm

VOLTAGE                                                Main incoming power:     220 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz Control voltage: 24 VDC

SAFETY PHOTO EYE                                 Photo curtain barrier on front of machine, left and right zones

OFFLINE PROGRAMMING                         Software can be installed on another computer for offline programming

CONTROL SYSTEM                                  Syntec Control, Delta servo drives and Delta VFD’s

DIMENSIONS (L X W X H)                        3300 x 4700 x 2000 mm / 130 x 185 x 79”

WEIGHT (APPROX.)                                 2600 kg / 5700 LB

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