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HG-100 Helical Cutterhead Grinder



The HG-100 Helical Cutterhead Grinder is designed to sharpen helical cutterheads with diameters from 4” to 10” (100 mm to 250 mm). The HG-100 is a semi-automatic grinder which comes standard with manual knife row indexing, precision wheel infeed with mico-adjustment, and automatic table traversing with mechanically set travel limits.

A fully enclosed grinding area provides for a safer and cleaner grinding room. The work area is enclosed by an easily removed Lexan™ hood that is easily removed for cleaning and setup. The hood contains the coolant spray so that coolant and grinding debris are carried away by the flooded coolant system and returned to the coolant reservoir. Since the grinding debris and coolant are contained within the grinding hood, use of a pneumatic airborne particulate collection system is optional.

Simplified Operator Panel: Simple and straight-forward Operating control include a lighted Start/Stop button for the grinding wheel, lighted Emergency Stop button, wheel rotation direction selector, and cycle start push button. Manual controls for jogging the table and cutterhead are also included for setup.

The HG-100 Helical Cutterhead Grinder operation is semi-automatic. The cutterhead is setup with the follower fingers adjusted to the V-groove slot and the clearance angle properly set. The wheel is started and the grinding cycle enable button is depressed causing the head to cycle past the grinding wheel. The depth of grind is set by adjusting the depth of grind micrometer. The cutterhead is manually advanced to the next row after completing two grinding passes. The process is repeated until all the knives are sharpened.

The coolant system with washdown hose, operating controls, and Lexan™ safety hood are standard.

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Head Indexing and Wheel Feed:

  • Manual

Diameter Cutterhead:

  • 4″ (100 mm) min. / 10″ (250 mm) max.

Worktable Feed:

  • Air / Oil

  • Travel- 12.6″ (320 mm) (maximum)

  • Proximity switch adjustable travel limits

  • Fully adjustable air/oil flow control feed speed

Index Mechanism:

  • Indexed by two positive follower fingers

  • Micrometer feed cutting angle adjustments

Grinding Head:

  • 0.9 kw (1.3 HP) Perske™ precision spindle motor

Coolant System:

  • 10 gallon tank

  • Full view sight glass

  • 5 gpm 120VAC coolant pump

  • Quick disconnect coupling

  • Wash down hose included.