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PET IR Linear Dryer

The PET IR LINEAR DRYER is a 100% water based application system designed to eliminate the traditional “air drying” of water based products. The PET IR LINEAR DRYER was engineered to eliminate the long drying times associated with using a water based product which can lead to product contamination and excessive material handling.

The product is fed directly into the PET IR LINEAR DRYER, finishing the product with a clean and dry surface ready for the next step in the production of the product being manufactured or stack-and-ready for shipment. 



  • Open Track Design for 4-sided exposure to the IR lamps for 4-sided drying.

  • Tapered track rails specifically designed to only make contact on the board at two small points, along the bottom corner edges, per section of track.

  • Adjustable track spacing from 2” centers to 4’ centers and above.

  • Variable track speeds: up to 16 m/min.

  • Adjustable IR lights adjusts the distance between the IR lights and the product ensuring and maintaining a constant temperature.

  • Complete access panels on both sides of the dryer and on both top & bottom of track for daily inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

  • UL Listed electrical components; available on the U.S. market.

Upper IR Lamp
Upper IR Lamp

Upper IR Lamp raising and lowering with digital readout.

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Lower IR Lamp
Lower IR Lamp

Lower IR Lamp raising and lowering adjustment.

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Infeed of IR Dryer
Infeed of IR Dryer

Infeed of IR Dryer

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Specifications                                  PET IR LINEAR DRYER

LENGTH OF DRYER                          10 m / 33 ft

VARIABLE FEED SPEED                     0 - 16 m/min

TOTAL NUMBER OF IR LAMPS           38 lamps

LENGTH OF IR LAMP                        1 m each

VOLTAGE                                        440 / 480, 3-ph / 60 Hz

TOTAL AMPERAGE                           90 amps


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