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HG-100 Helical Cutterhead Grinder

The HG-100 Helical Cutterhead Grinder is designed to sharpen helical cutterheads with diameters from 4” to 10” (100 mm to 250 mm). The HG-100 is a semi-automatic grinder which comes standard with manual knife row indexing, precision wheel infeed with mico-adjustment, and automatic table traversing with mechanically set travel limits…

G-716 Semi-Automatic Cutterhead Grinder

The G-716 Semi-automatic Cutterhead Grinder is used to sharpen 7” to 16” diameter eased edge, milled to pattern, and fingerjoint cutterheads. Worktable traversing is automatic and has adjustable stops. Cutterhead indexing is manual. Each knife is held against a positive stop while being ground.

G-716A Fully Automatic Cutterhead Grinder

No index plate to change when working with heads with different numbers of knives. The use of an index plate assumes that the knives and head separations are uniform throughout, which is often not the case. If the height of the knife is high or low, then the front face of the knife will vary from knife to knife making the task of grinding difficult. The one constant is the back face of the knife, therefore the use of an indexing stop against the back face will provide for accurate indexing regardless of the irregularities in the knives and head slots.

CG-520A Fully Automatic Universal Cutterhead Grinder

From the construction of the enclosure, heavy duty bearing rails for the sliding doors to the servo drive components, the CG-520A is built to provide quality grinding of all your cutterhead requirements in the most demanding environments.

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